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Executive Recruitment

We take a pro-active approach to recruitment and undertake fresh, systematic research for each assignment we work on.

How do we deliver the service;

We are a client driven organisation, and we only ever receive fees from companies. However we place great importance on the interests of candidate executives and we follow principles we summarize as Candidate Care.


  • We only ever introduce executives to organizations that we believe in.

  • We only introduce them for roles which we believe will be a good step for their long term career.

  • We only put executives in the interview process with our clients if we believe they have a realistic chance of getting the job.

  • We never share candidate details with a client without the executive's express permission.

  • We protect the confidentiality of executives we talk to, and handle confidential information sensitively.

  • We give executives that we deal with feedback as soon as possible and we always aim to give them useful feedback on the process, whatever the outcome.

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